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Negotiation Vs. Debt Consolidation Programs

debt-consolidation-programsCentury Negotiations Inc. has built a reputation that is based on superior dedication to our clients and our desire to see you succeed with your financial future.

CNI does not charge clients a fee for its services until we settle a debt for you, consistent with the new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rule. By choosing to go with debt negotiation as opposed to other debt programs (like debt consolidation programs), you may experience a process more beneficial to your current situation. Our program is designed to assist individuals who are having trouble making the required payments on their unsecured debts, including primarily credit card debt , charged-off pay day loans and medical bills.

Normally these financial difficulties have been caused by any of a variety of factors including job loss, medical problems, death in the family, or divorce. Depending on your specific situation, debt settlement may be your best option.

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How the Process Works

The process works within your monthly budget to find an affordable solution for you. Our objective is to negotiate with your creditors on your behalf to obtain mutually-agreeable settlements for less than the full amount you currently owe.

Success in the program will require you to accumulate funds on a regular monthly basis. CNI begins negotiating with each of your creditors, typically one at a time. Your funds are disbursed to creditors and our fee is paid only AFTER a settlement has been negotiated.

Every program is unique. While some clients find success in just a few years, there are multiple factors that will affect the timeliness of your settlements:



  • The Individual Nature of Your Financial Situation
  • Your Creditors
  • Your Number of Debts
  • The Age of Your Debt
  • The Amount of Your Debts
  • The Percentage of Secured vs. Unsecured Debts
  • Your Income
  • Other Known and Unknown Variables

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Trusted Debt Help

Having your debts negotiated through a debt settlement program is not the same as paying off your debts in a debt management program offered through a credit counseling company. A debt management program can often lower your monthly payment and/or your interest rates, but you will be repaying the full amount of your debts, usually over the course of around 5 years.

Through a debt settlement program, our objective is to negotiate that debt for less than the full balance. You should talk with someone who can explain both options to help you determine which program may be most appropriate for you.

For more information about how our debt settlement can work for you, or how debt settlement compares to debt management or other debt relief options, email a debt specialist.

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