Debt Negotiation


Debt Negotiation

Receiving Debt Collection Calls?

credit-card-debtBeing in debt can be one of the most stressful experiences in life. On the other hand, getting out of debt is one of the most gratifying accomplishments you can achieve.  But this rewarding journey is often tainted with regular calls and potentially harassing communication from creditors, debt collectors, and collection attorneys. Put lightly: debt negotiation is not much fun to deal with.

At CNI, we recognize the pressure that debt collection calls put on consumers. While  no debt settlement company can completely eliminate debt collection calls, we understand that these calls are all the more frustrating when you are making an honest effort to pay off your debts.

This is why Century Negotiations Inc. has contracted with a national consumer advocacy group, UCAN (United Consumer Advocacy Network) , which protects the rights of people who may fall victim to harassment.  As a CNI client, you will receive the benefits of their Creditor Intervention Program, which will work with you to handle harassing calls.

It is our belief that you should be treated with respect as you work toward an admirable goal: financial freedom.

Education About Debt Negotiation

Here at CNI, we strongly believe that clients who are educated about credit card debt and other debt-related problems are much more likely to succeed than less involved clients. This is why we are eager to introduce our new clients to the valuable materials made available by the Premier Institute for Financial Freedom.

These educational materials include;

  •  textbooks
  •  newsletters
  •  pamphlets
  • and much more

They cover topics ranging from credit card debt and insurance tips to financial information for newlyweds, seniors, the recently divorced, and even materials to start educating children about responsible financial decisions. These materials are written and compiled by professionals with years of experience not only with helping others manage their debt crisis, but also with successfully solving their own debt problems – using the same proven methods.

View the Sample Newsletter »

For clients who may be receiving harassing phone calls from creditors and debt collectors, CNI provides the opportunity for their clients to be counseled by a staff that is knowledgeable with creditor and collections harassment issues. Contact us today  1-888-913-8784 or email.

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