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Debt Settlement & Consumer Debt Relief – The Credit Card Consolidation Alternative

CNI does not charge clients a fee for its services until we settle a debt for you, consistent with the new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rule. Our program is designed to assist individuals who are having trouble making the required payments on their unsecured debts (e.g., credit card debts, personal loans, medical bills). Normally this financial difficulty has been caused by any of a variety of factors including job loss, medical problems, death in the family, or divorce. Depending on your specific situation, debt settlement may be your best option. For example, you may be seeking credit card consolidation. Here, you will find out why negotiation may be a better option for you.

The process works within your monthly budget to find an affordable solution for you. Our objective is to negotiate with your creditors on your behalf to obtain mutually-agreeable settlements for less than the full amount you currently owe.

Success in the program will require you to accumulate funds on a regular monthly basis. CNI begins negotiating with each of your creditors, typically one at a time. Your funds are disbursed to creditors and our fee is paid only AFTER a settlement has been negotiated.

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When to ask for Debt Negotiation Services

Getting Help with Your Bills

You may have times when your debt load seems to be out of control. If you’re struggling to get your bills paid every month, then it is time to consider some options to lighten the load.  One of those options is using debt negotiation services to settle or resolve your unsecured debts. Using an expert like this can make all the difference in how you get along financially. They can set up an affordable monthly program for you, talk to your creditors for you and negotiate with your creditors to reduce the amount you need to repay.


What are Debt Negotiation Companies?

There are companies that specialize in talking to creditors with the purpose of reducing the amount of debt you  need to repay. An expert with the debt negotiation services company contacts your creditors and starts the negotiation process to lower the amount you owe to that creditor. They continue with the process with each of your accounts until they achieve a satisfactory and workable reduction on your loan, medical bills or credit cards that you owe.


How Does It Work?

In order for the debt negotiation services company to be able to do its job effectively, you need to do your part.  Most people need to start a program to save up the money that will be paid to their creditors, and the negotiation company can assist you with this. By doing this, when your company is able to negotiate a settlement amount, the money is readily available to pay that settlement with your creditor. If you already have some savings or are able to obtain an amount of money that can be paid to your creditors, that will enable the settlement process to work faster.  Many people just do not have the time, ability or temperament to do this all on their own. By enrolling with a debt settlement company, you leave all the tough negotiation to the professional.


Who is the Best Candidate to Use Debt Negotiation Services?

The people in the very best situation for this method of reducing debt are people who have a steady source of income and would like to be able to pay all of their bills, but just cannot afford to make the required monthly payments.  Typically this is due to some “life event”, such as illness, divorce, job loss or other event that often, through no fault of their own,  affects their ability to continue to make their required monthly payments.


Is Using Debt Negotiation Services Better than Bankruptcy?

For most people, just about any valid debt reduction is better than bankruptcy; however, everyone’s financial circumstances are different. You need to speak with a debt expert and go over your unique situation. For many people, if they can, it is better to pay at least some of the debt rather than file for bankruptcy. Ultimately, it is best to try out debt negotiation services before heading straight to bankruptcy.

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